Don’t Rebuild. Renew! Additions, Renovation, and Remodeling

Renew provides luxury service, intelligent energy design, and the quality you expect from a Schell Brothers company. Renew can provide a full range of services from kitchen remodeling, to major additions, and whole house renovations.

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Working Side by Side

As a homeowner, creating an addition or completing a major renovation can be a challenge. Unlike building a new home, clients rarely start a renovation with a complete set of plans ready to build. Instead, it is an iterative process working hand in hand with your contractor to get to the design that is both cost effective and provides the visual appeal, energy efficiency, and new space you need.

In addition, once you start your project, a very different set of stresses can appear in your daily life. At Renew, we have created a company that understands your needs and we have designed our processes to help you overcome these challenges.

During the design phase, we use a detailed interview process to help us understand what you want in the new space.

We then use state-of-the-art software to provide “sketches” of your design which include possible floor plans and three dimensional drawings. Our software can provide a full 360 degree view and is a critical tool in helping you visualize what your new addition or renovation will look like. As a homeowner, being able to ‘see’ your addition beforehand allows you to make better decisions early in the process, giving you an improved end product. We also understand the stress an addition can put on your life and living area. We take great care to minimize the impact during the construction process by adhering to our strict standards of luxury service including protecting your existing property during the project, ensuring cleanliness throughout the process, respecting your privacy, and exceeding your expectations. We treat every project as if we were living there.

At Renew, we use state of the art software to help you visualize your project in a 3-D virtual environment.

When your home is being disassembled and put back together, you don’t want the lowest priced contractor providing the least experienced tradesmen.

You want the best value for your money, with unsurpassed quality and a new level of personal attention. You want a company that can provide an interior designer at no charge to help with your design. You want a company with a local showroom and design center so you can make hands-on selections for your project and see concepts and photos of other projects. You want an award winning company with dedicated professionals who will be there when you need them.

You want Renew.

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